Outsourcing Financial Management

More and more businesses are outsourcing their financial management

With all of your administrative and professional obligations, are you finding it difficult to effectively manage your business’s financial affairs?
Are you interested in employing a good financial manager, who will help you save money, but afraid it might be too expensive for you?

Outsourcing Financial Management
In most cases, small and medium-sized businesses do not need a full-time employee to manage their money, and therefore more and more of them are outsourcing their financial management. This is a sensible expense that helps increase the business’s profits.

Yeskin Financial Management Ltd. provides the highest level of financial management services via outsourcing, employing experts with extensive professional knowledge and experience and allocating the appropriate amount of time and investment that the individual client needs.
The Company provides a wide variety of services, in various fields of expertise, to dozens of satisfied customers.
Yeskin & Co. is an accounting group, headed by Moshe Yeskin, C.P.A. – the founder and managing partner of the firm, which specializes in giving personal advice and assistance to entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses.

The service package we offer includes a basic service package, which enables proper financial administration of the day-to-day operations of the business, as well as additional services to assist in business decisions and strategic matters pertaining to the management of the firm’s finances, while planning the firm’s future, its growth and development.

Together with you, the client, we will tailor the services that suit you best, in accordance with your business’s demands and capabilities.

The services provided include:

Ongoing Services – “Basic Package”

  • Producing administrative reports and current reports (for management, for decision makers and for various external bodies)
  • Ongoing analysis of business activity, with emphasis placed on profitability and feasibility
  • Pricing reports
  • Budgets and budgetary control
  • Cash flow management/slowing the cash burn rate
  • Preparation for audits/reviews by auditing accountants

Additional Services

  • Payroll services
  • Accounting
  • Tax consulting and representation with tax authorities
  • Advising and supporting, and preparing for due diligence
  • Creating or finding financing solutions and reducing foreign currency exposure
  • Working with banks and various financial bodies (including improving credit terms)
  • Preparing a business plan and implementing its financial implications
  • Examining the economic feasibility of business ventures
  • Advising and supporting the capital-raising process
  • Streamlining and cost saving solutions
  • Improving collection processes
  • Supervising and controlling the accounting department
  • Internal auditing
  • Providing assistance in negotiations with suppliers and/or customers

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