Accounting and Auditing

The auditing department of the Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office has professional knowhow and auditing experience in the preparation and reviewing of financial statements. The department’s staff stays up-to-date on developments in the fields of accounting, auditing, laws and regulations, directives and more.

The Department provides services to a wide range of businesses and companies in Israel and abroad, representing a wide range of spheres of activity, of various sizes. Our thorough familiarity with our clients and their business activities enables us to find creative solutions for their specific needs.

Accounting, Auditing and the Preparation of Financial Statements

Auditing and accounting make up the bulk of the office’s activity, dealing with a variety of sectors, such as: industry and commerce, the third (community and non-profit) sector, high tech, finance, education, health, real estate, etc..

Day-to-day work with clients is carried out by a permanent contact person – the supervising partner or a senior accountant in the office.

The supervising partner is familiar with the business structure and financial status of each client and is updated regularly on the progress of work and ongoing activity. He or she is always available for questions from the clients, for meeting and telephone consultations.

Our office is registered in the central database of accounting offices in the General Accountant’s Division of the Ministry of Finance, and is authorized to provide accounting services to Government ministries, and in the accountants’ database of the Ministry of Health and Government Hospitals, for the purpose of auditing annual financial reports, reviewing intermediate financial statements, and other work.

Our services include:

  • Auditing and the preparation of annual financial statements
  • Reviewing and preparation of quarterly financial statements
  • Ongoing tax consulting
  • Accounting due diligence checks
  • Consulting on accounting issues
  • Internal controls – a management tool that helps an organization’s senior management to advance and realize its goals, while evaluating the risks and providing appropriate solutions for their prevention



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