Provision of financial and business advice tailored to the client’s needs requires knowledge, professionalism and ability to think outside the box, together with hands-on personal assistance for the client at every stage of his business development. The personal attention we give you, our client, enables us to identify your additional needs, to locate additional business opportunities for you, to give you the best advice for your particular circumstances and to help you grow your business.

Evaluations and Due Diligence

The success of any transaction, including a merger or acquisition, requires a historical analysis of the company designated for sale, the identification of the commercial, financial and accounting exposure and an evaluation of the existing scope of negotiations between the parties to the transaction. The Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office has extensive experience and knowledge in the examination of financial data of companies facing merger or acquisition, the identification of risks and/or the business opportunity inherent in it for your – the client’s – business!

Planning and Assisting with Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisition activity enables many businesses to grow, while taking advantage of business opportunities in Israel as well as abroad.

The Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office will accompany you, the client, throughout the transaction process, from beginning to end, including in the planning of the structure of the transaction both from financial as well as taxation considerations, studying the proposed agreement, involvement in the negotiations and bringing the agreement to signature.

In addition, we offer a variety of support services such as: Evaluations, due diligence, etc.

Company and/or Project Financing

The Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office has extensive experience in providing financial-economic business consulting as well as in the creation / identification of creative financing solutions. We provide consulting and guidance in the securing financing for a wide range of projects, while reviewing existing financing options and providing assistance in the selection of the option most suitable to you.

Assisting and Revitalizing Troubled Companies

The Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office provides consulting services and assistance in revitalization processes of troubled companies.

Services include an in-depth analysis of the state of the business, the formulation of a revitalization program, recommendating changes in the business’s financial structure and reorganization.

Following the implementation of the revitalization program, we continue to monitor developments in the business and assist you, the client, in the process until the business is stable or until you feel that our involvement is no longer needed.

Representation and Negotiations with banks

We specialize in representing our clients and negotiating with banks. Over the years, we have been able to achieve a large number of successful financing arrangements and substantial cost reductions.

Moshe Yeskin is on the list of approved consultants of the Credit Risk Department of Bank Hapoalim, to assist businesses in trouble.

Business Entrepreneurship

The Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office assists you, the client, through each stage and each financial step you take.

We have the ability, the desire and the experience to locate, select and identify business opportunities and/or new markets for the expansion of your activity and to develop business relationships for you, both from our own client base as well as through business and other relationships we have nurtured over the years. If necessary, we can also assist you in the sale of your business, whether in whole or in part.

We accompany you throughout the process, beginning from the conceptual stage and through initial contacts with the relevant factors, and until the deal is closed.

As far as we are concerned, for you, our client, the sky’s the limit!

Raising of Capital and Investments (in Israel and Abroad)

With our extensive experience and international network of contacts and clients, we also specialize in the processes of raising capital and making business connections between entrepreneurs and existing companies in Israel and overseas, and strategic investors in all sectors of the economy.

Local Authorities and the Third (Community or Non-Profit) Sector

As a former member of the Petah Tikva City Council, a member of its Finance Committee and its Local Planning and Construction Committee, Moshe Yeskin gained extensive experience in working with local authorities. The office provides advice on any issue that may arise in this area.

The third sector is subject to various special rules, covering regulation, proper management, reporting requirements and unique ordinances. We provide a range of consulting services to the third sector, including: work plans, budgets, assistance in preparing applications for support and issuing approvals, assistance in the implementation of regulatory requirements, assistance in obtaining recognized status regarding donations, regular taxation services, etc.

Outsourcing of Financial Management

The importance of a company’s financial officer in the management of the present situation and planning for the future is critical. In most cases, in order to save costs, small- and medium-sized companies do not need a full time financial manager. The obvious solution is to outsource management of finances. The Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office provides outsourced financial management services of the highest quality, through its highly professional and experienced team, who devote the time and effort required to meet the client’s needs.

The services include:

  • Financial management – budget, periodic reports, regular analysis of business activity with the emphasis on profitability and feasibility, costing, cash flow, working closely with management, preparing reports for shareholders, investors and external bodies, including: legal advisors, auditors and other parties.
  • Working with banks and other financial institutions, including supervision and management of bank accounts (in Israel and abroad), analysis of the forecast Burn Rate and its implications for the work plan, making payments to suppliers, control and supervision of money transfers.
  • Payroll services – preparation of salaries, payments to insurance companies, help in determining employee salaries, working with insurance agents and managers of pension arrangements, assistance in obtaining income tax approval according to the form 161 ordinances.

Other outsourced financial management services are available, depending on the needs of the company.


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