The Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office helps businesses, organizations and individuals formulate tax strategies, plan their taxes and comply with relevant tax laws.

Correct and effective tax advice can improve business cash flow and save on tax payments. As a former employee of the Income Tax Division in Israel, Moshe Yeskin is familiar with the risks, able to identify opportunities, and utilize his knowledge, experience and contacts to provide tailor-made, creative tax solutions, designed to achieve legitimate reductions in the tax burden imposed on you, the client.

Our office provides a comprehensive and professional service covering a wide range of tax issues. The comprehensive services that we provide include each of the services detailed below, as well as any required combination thereof as per the clients’ requirements.

The services are available to the wide range of the office’s clients, as well as to a selection of “outside clients”, that are not part of our regular customer base, and who turn to us for specific tax issues.

Corporate Taxes

The Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office has a great deal of experience in accompanying companies over the normal course of their business, as well as in providing solutions for tax issues that arise from time to time. Our understanding of our clients’ business and needs allows us to provide the best possible advice for them apecifically in the field of taxation.

Our services include:

  • Tax planning and evaluation designed to provide assessees with a legitimate reduction of their tax burden.
  • Reviewing the tax adjustment reports
  • discussions concerning assessments for the purpose of income tax, value added tax, National Insurance and deductions
  • Assistance in the preparation of reports for various tax authorities
  • Providing accompaniment and consulting for transactions
  • Receipt of pre-rulings (advance notice) from tax authorities on activity in Israel and abroad
  • Accompaniment and consulting on the subject in the exercise of options and the realization of shares by employees and controlling shareholders
  • International taxation services, in accordance with the Income Tax ordinance and tax treaties with countries around the world
  • Accompaniment and consulting with regard to transfer prices – the price of transactions between related companies operating in a number of countries
  • Ongoing consulting on various corporate tax subjects

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Our office has the knowledge and the experience it needs to advise you, the client, in all issues relating to mergers, acquisitions and other forms of reorganization in Israel as well as abroad. We accompany transactions as they are initiated and after they are implemented, with special emphasis on the tax efficiency of the planned corporate structure, according to the characteristics of the business’ expected activity.

Our services include:

  • Tax planning for transactions, whether as seller or buyer
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Handling queries to the tax authorities and attaining pre-rulings
  • Planning and implementing taxation optimization for post-merger business activity

Personal Taxation

Our office’s Tax Consulting Department has the knowledge and experience required to assist individuals in planning their activity in an optimal manner and to comply with all of the tax reports required by various authorities in Israel and abroad.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in the preparation and filing of annual tax reports to the Israeli tax authorities
  • Assistance in the preparation of capital statements
  • Ongoing reports to tax authorities
  • Changing tax pre-payments

Indirect Taxation

The Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office has extensive experience in consultating on the subject of indirect taxation, for companies as well as for individuals, including issues regarding value added tax, customs, purchase taxes and duties.


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