About Us

The Yeskin&Co. Accountants’ Office is different.
The “Yeskin&Co.” Accountants’ Office was established in 2001, and is located in the center of Tel-Aviv.

The office – employing more than 15 employees – comprises a high-caliber highly qualified team of professionals, experts in their fields, which provides comprehensive, personal and high-quality service.
The office engages in the provision of financial services and consultancy to companies and enterprises in Israel and overseas from various and diverse sectors of the economy and from various extents of activity.

Our circle of clients is a circle of friends. A client brings a friend. A friend becomes a client!
We are entrepreneurs, we are aggressive, and we want to win for our clients!

Why choose us?

If you’re just looking for a traditional office of accountants, one that will check your books from the previous year and tell you where you made mistakes, this is not the right place for you.

Obviously, we will provide you, the client, with all the professional services that you are accustomed to and need to receive from your accountant, but that is not what makes us unique!

Our advantage lies in how we provide you, the client, with these services – in the best, most efficient and creative manner, which means giving you close personal assistance at all stages of your business development. This personal attention enables us to identify your additional needs, to locate further business opportunities for you, and to help you grow your business.

We believe that, by providing our services in this manner, we are helping someone who is not just a client for us, but a partner on the way to financial success – someone for whom we will do everything we can!

We are committed to listening, learning and understanding your needs as well as to your business’s growth.

We are committed to the values of responsibility, reliability, professionalism and creativity.

By choosing us you take a long-term decision, and we will be with you all along the way.


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