Moshe Yeskin

Moshe Yeskin, CPA – Founder, Managing Partner

Moshe Yeskin was born in 1970, he is married and has two children.

Yeskin is one of the most prominent in the interim generation of accountants in Israel.

After years of working in the public sector, as senior supervisor in the national income tax assessors unit, and several years as a department manager in large offices, Yeskin established his own accountants’ office.

In parallel to managing the office, Yeskin is an entrepreneur, who is active in the promotion of a number of business enterprises in Israel, and in the international marketplace.

Yeskin is a Certified Mediator by “Gevim Group” and provides business mediation services to his clients.

Moshe Yeskin is also an active contributor to the football school and children’s and youth teams of Hapoel Petah Tikva Football Club, in the framework of “The Blue Circle” – a group of supporters who work on a voluntary basis to assist children and youths who play in the Club’s Youth division.

In the past, Moshe Yeskin served as a member of the Petah Tikva City Council, and also lectured on the subjects of taxation, accounting and economics in various academic frameworks.

“My clients see me as ‘someone to run with’, a long term partner for a journey. My clients are the best witnesses to the values in which I believe, and which guided me when building this office, which is my life work”.


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